Never before had he felt the power of the stars in his paws. A Question Regarding Anne Rice's Death : FanFiction 1.2K Stories. Sandstorm knew his love for her, and thought she was a second-best for Firestar. Firestar's Bloodlines (Not including extended) Let's start at the top. warrior cats firestar's death. Did you know that Bluestar, Firestar, and Graystripe are related?! Forum. FireStar's Death - YouTube Firestar And Sandstorm Fanfiction Stories Sorreltail lay at the side of the nursery, yowling in pain. Harry's Dead! | FanFiction Squirrleflight, Get Back!" Brambleclaw yowled as he saw the ground at the edge of the cliff beging to slide down into the Thunderclan camp. Firestar's E-Mail | Warrior Cats Fanfic Wiki | Fandom This is the story of how Firestar lost his last life. The ThunderClan cats were lurking in the camp. :) - Kittycat79Meow! Starkit's Prophecy, also known as Starkits Prophcy, is a fanfic written by user Xdark.rosesx. Discussion. Ivypaw gasped with pain. Fanfic: Death's Bowman Ch 1, Naruto | FanFiction This is a Work-In-Progress Warriors Fanfiction (as you can probably tell from the title name). . Firestar and sandstorm kits fanfiction Daughter of Jayfeather, the halfClan ThunderClan medicine cat, and Dawnspark, a ShadowClan warrior, she's nothing but extraordinary. Harry Potter & Game of Thrones, T . I'm shaping her up well, Hawkfrost thought. Sandstorm was a little insecure thinking that Firestar loved Spottedleaf more. # 1. Please don't flame, it's rather childish. In the waking world, he is haunted by the ghost of a long dead Clan leader. To Be Honest [Warrior Cats: Ashfur x Squirrelflight x Bramblestar] Crookedstar's mate was Willowbreeze's kit was Silverstream. With the knowledge that they can't save everyone, Alderpaw, his sister Sparkpaw, and his Shadowclan friend Needlepaw strive to change what they can. It is the first real story to be written by her. Sequel Novella for Creature of Habit. She will follow his story closely while also exploring her own in the body of a small white. At the moment of final death, Tigerstar is given a second chance at life. Oakheart's brother was Crookedstar. Firestar goes to sleep in Smudge's garden to try and dream of . Spottedleaf begins speaking with Firestar's grandson, Jaypaw.When Jaypaw wanders into the Dark Forest, Spottedleaf defends him from Tigerstar and Hawkfrost, but insists to Jaypaw's dismay that he must become a medicine cat.In StarClan, she deliberates, along with Bluestar and Yellowfang, about the nature of the Kin of Your Kin prophecy and what StarClan's role in it should be, if they should . *headdesk* Due to the millions of time jumps, I have dispersed weird lines like the one below all over the story. Rusty Firepaw Fireheart Firestar Bluestar Animals Warrior Cats Fanfiction Au. Mapleleaf thought Sandstorm would be happy that Firestar would finally love her fully, but no. This is based loosely on the occurrences following the rise of Squirrelflight in ThunderClan with the death of Bramblestar and imprisonment of his imposter. Spottedleaf died by Mapleleaf (2nd time). Mentor. This page contains the complete family lineage of Firestar, and contains all known ancestors and descendants. 271 The Tale of Lord Harlan Stark of Winterfell » by Aryan Stark Harry Potter after acquiring the powers of MoD, suffers a huge tragedy and soon departs from the world and is reborn into Westeros as Harlan Stark, the younger twin brother of Robb Stark. As Courageheart faces an ominous prophecy, she faces a task, betrayal, and killers, who may be even in her own clan. The sun in the sky lit warmly. ThunderClan is thriving, their youth promising and their warriors skilled. › s › 6357340. Characters - Do not edit - Firestar - Flame tabby tom with green eyes Brambleclaw - Dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes - Deputy Cinderpelt - Dark gray she-cat with blue eyes - Medicine cat Brightheart - White and orange she-cat with green eyes Graystripe - dark gray tabby tom with yellow eyes Stormfur - Dark gray tom with amber eyes Brooke - Light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes Berrynose . Sandstorm mewed, "let me see. "Goodbye." Grief swamped Graystripe as the wind snatched Firestar's lingering scent. The dog pack has been defeated, but the time travelers hopes of saving everyone has suffered a major blow. warriorcats warriors cats erinhunter thunderclan warrior shadowclan riverclan clans cat windclan starclan warriorcatsfanfiction firestar fanfiction warriorsfanfiction jayfeather skyclan clan warriorcatsnamegenerator. He seized it and engulfed it with his hatred and anger. Sandstorm is a pale, ginger she-cat with barely visible tabby stripes and pale green eyes. But Hawkfrost would not make a fool of himself, especially now that he saw Tigerstar watching from the darkness. A woman who goes into warriors series and becomes friends with Firepaw/Rusty. Anyways, comment and tell me what you think about that one. Firestar (Angelica "Angel" Jones) is a fictional mutant superhero appearing in media published by Marvel Comics.Debuting in 1981 on the NBC animated television series, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (as Fire-Star), she has the ability to generate and manipulate microwave radiation, allowing her to fly and create intense heat and flames. With help from an old friend, he discovers a shocking secret that StarClan has tried to bury. Firestar's Death. Last words of Spottedleaf: With her grandmother gone, Angelica lived alone with her father, who was unable . I ran through a doorway, out another, down a hallway and took a . haha what a lame excuse for having not read The Last Hope in a long time and not remembering what happened..) Anyways, they both die. Remember that this story is non-canon. 1.3 Email from Ashfur. Death: Unknown causes, Firestar's Quest - Midnight; Patchpelt. In the waking world, he is haunted by the ghost of a long dead Clan leader. She was bullied by the girls at her school, her beloved grandmother died suddenly, and Angelica was frightened to discover that she herself was manifesting a strange superhuman power to generate great heat. I shut my eyes, preparing for my final trip to StarClan. Warrior Cats Au: (female) Fireheart/Tigerclaw. I searched the area, the house was unfamiliar to me. Fire alone can save our Clan…. Currently Part 1, the Sword of the North is in progress. She'll be ready to fight the Clans in no time. Sandstorm now has Sorrelpaw as an apprentice, just as Firestar promised to her in The Darkest Hour. As Courageheart faces an ominous prophecy, she faces a task, betrayal, and killers, who may be even in her own clan. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Mystery - Bella, Edward - Chapters: 10 - Words: 19,962 - Reviews: 1,053 - Favs: 1,163 - Follows: 781 - Updated: 12/17/2010 - Published: 9/27/2010 - Status: Complete - id . As the The 3 generation of cats collides with the second, cats don't trust each other, and it may lead to the clans being destroyed. His know siblings, are Scourge, Ruby, Socks, and Princess. After the death of Firestar, those closest to him remember their fallen leader. 1.2K Stories. Firestar (aka Novastar) is one of the members of Elita One's Autobot resistance and specialized in rescue missions. From kittypet to brave leader this cat has been through a lot even death, nine times. Find out how Ginny Weasley, Harry's girlfriend, copes during the funeral of the man she loved. In Into the Wild, he was kind to Firestar. With help from an old friend, he discovers a shocking secret that StarClan has tried to bury. Death of a Noble Leader. (In Luan's dream, she was having fun with Lincoln, when suddenly a truck was about to hit him). Like in Firestar's Quest, they were quarreling but then Sandstorm was swept away by a flood and Firestar forgot all about their fight and went to save her, this shows that he loved her. This video is about firestars death, he died by battlewounds and /. Firestar and Sandstorm had many fights but they always seemed to make up. Noble warriors are dying-- and some deaths are more mysterious than others. She had lost a lot in her life, but she can only hope that her . Bramblestar is relieved to see the former leader, and expresses his guilt over Seedpaw's death. It all started the day of the attack. Tigerstar yowled and jerked away from him, releasing Firestar, who . ThunderClan is thriving, their youth promising and their warriors skilled. "I found the . Credits go to the original author Kittycat79.) If you don't know, Reptilia28's challenge is the following: "STORYLINE: *) Harry is killed at 17 during the fight with Voldemort. Annabeth Chase I awoke, back in my bed. 1.8K 10 27. Firestar lay in the center of the clearing with his closest friends gathered around him. Firestar: *tangles with Tigerstar the punches him in the face.*. It was an excellent Greenleaf morning, the sky was clear and all cats were well. He usually hung out with some WindClan elders whenever there was a Gathering. It's set in around at the time of the book Sunset, but with a different plot. It is arguably one of the worst stories ever written mainly due to an atrocious plotline involving child abuse. 38 parts Complete. "Out of lawless darkness, a new star will rise and herald a peaceful dawn." Nightkit isn't your ordinary kit. Willowpelt and Whitestorm's kits . Despite the peace, Firestar's dreams are filled with screaming. The Swimming Death Trap [A CH Murder Mystery. Spoilers. Bluestar's mate was Oakheart(They had 3 kits, Stonefur, Mistystar, and Mosskit.). Hot New # 1. The birds flapped their wings wildly in the sky. Despite the peace, Firestar's dreams are filled with screaming. They see a . Graystripe's mother was Willowpelt. Sandstorm-fanfic FEATURING Graystripe. *) Harry's Death (who can have a human name) is mad at his arrival. Will include Cloudtail, Sandstorm, Greystripe, Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Dustpelt, Onestar Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Firestar - Chapters: 8 - Words: 5,456 - Reviews: 54 - Favs: 51 - Follows: 32 - Updated: 5/19/2016 - Published: 12/30/2013 . After he revives, Firestar and the other SkyClan cats climb a tree hanging above the barn. Firestar (Warriors character), the main protagonist from the book series Warriors Firestar (Dungeons & Dragons) , a monster from the 2nd edition of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game Star Firestar M43 , a firearm manufactured by Star Bonifacio Echeverria, S.A. in Eibar, Spain He was millimeters from the man's heart when it began phasing through him. Fear flashed in my eyes. But something wasn't right. Mate: Sandstorm: Deceased, verified StarClan member Daughters: Squirrelflight: Living (As of A Light in the Mist) Leafpool: Deceased, verified StarClan member Father: Jake: Deceased, residence unknown Mother: Nutmeg: Living (As of Fire and Ice) Sister: Princess: Living (As of Dawn . Rini's Horrible Death is a Sailor Moon chapter story written by Queen of the Ramen. Ivypaw struck a blow at him, then dodged his blow. Patchpelt was a small black and white tom, and a former elder of ThunderClan. A Question Regarding Anne Rice's Death. Just In. The latter is the first Clan cat Firestar meets, and since then they have been inseparable. Firestar is an eternal flame baby! "Firestar!" Sandstorm's yowl sounded above the thrumming of the rain. "She escaped but we managed to get Fireheart instead. Luan: (gasps) LINCOLN LOOK OUT A TRUCK!!!!!! Brambleclaw realised that Firestar had pushed Squirrleflight out of danger. Bluestar, the leader before Firestar. Firestar's Death, a warriors fanfic | FanFiction My second story. In the comics, she has acted as a solo hero and also . As if that wasn't bad enough that noisy little brat appears to be able to see him. The pale sky settled high above. This a short Tribut video with my cat Garfield as Firestar. Feel free to take over this story, I've lost interest in this wiki. Firestar: like I would listen to a TRREEEE!!! Firestar Ahh the great and magical Firestar. Angelica Jones was a thirteen-year-old high school student who fell victim to a series of unfortunate events. 65.9K 2.3K 35. Luan Having a Nightmare About Lincoln's Death. And Leafpool, the medicine cat before Spottedshadow and Firestar's daughter. I was talking to the medicine cat Jayfeather about his brother, Lionblaze, when all of a sudden I hear the deep, viscious voice of Blackstar saying to his bloodthirsty warriors, "ATTACK!" As I walked out of the medicine cat den . Romance Firestar Daughter Warriors Warrior Cats Sandstorm . This Speedpaint is a sequel to this Speedpaint here:'m pretty happy with how this came out although I do kind of wish I'd refer. He joined ThunderClan as an apprentice, receiving the name of Firepaw, and was mentored by Lionheart and Tigerclaw before being assigned . 1.4 Email from Jayfeather. More . Sort by: Hot. Tree: crrrreeeeaaaaakkkk! An Au where each person's spirit animal matches with their soul mate's. A Chemical can help determi. Three she-cats appeared in the hollow. 'You live like a rogue, you die like a rogue.' After that, he attacked and was killed. This, as you probably already know, is a FanFic about how I think Firestar could die. Almost all of Shadowclan broke into Thunderclan's camp. The first time he herd of the clans was an over exaggeration of the 'wildcats that rule the forest' from his friend Smudge. Dark Forest Jayfeather Hollyleaf Firestar Tigerstar Cats Friendship. Firestar was a leader of ThunderClan in the forest and the lake territories, and prophesied as the "fire to save ThunderClan." He was born to Jake and Nutmeg, and lived as a kittypet named Rusty. "I think he's still . As the The 3 generation of cats collides with the second, cats don't trust each other, and it may lead to the clans being destroyed. But the ThunderClan cats are in grave danger, and their enemies grow stronger every day. Basically this is a remake of Sunset! Complete. Spottedleaf, a former medicine cat. He's sent to his Death's office (explained later) and finds out that this isn't the first time that this has happened. Firestar and Graystripe were best friends. He was first discovered by Spottedleaf of ThunderClan after she received a mysterious prophecy from StarClan during the book Into the Wild. Firestar's Final Death, a warriors fanfic | FanFiction Firestar watched in agony as his friends rushed to his side. Hazel was hugging her brother, also grieving for Percy's death. In this moment of . Ivypaw noticed that he was distracted, and she knocked him over. Despite it's size, it's power was huge and terrifying, a solid reminder to the Demigods of what even the less powerful Olympians were capable of. Hot. Brambleclaw's heart turned black with agony and hurt. Still it doesn't explain how he somehow found himself stuck to raise the baby. Suddenly a streak of orange fur shot past him. Even when Graystripe leaves ThunderClan to raise his kits in RiverClan, the two friends still meet up and help each . 08:16, September 16, 2014 (UTC) (This story is in the view of Dovewing, Firestar's sister's son's daughter's daughter and is currently being looked after and checked on by HorsestarOfHorseClan. The gray she-cat raced out of the ThunderClan camp after the . Bluestar is dead. "This is for the fate of the clans!" he yowled. Firestar was one of ThunderClan's leaders and one of the most famous leaders. Firestar: haha! As Bluestar's sanity crumbles, Fireheart has to give everything and more to keep her kits safe from the clan she once loved. Warriors: Firestar's Death All have heard of the great Firestar, leader of ThunderClan. One Shot. Suddenly, the snow ceased. (Trying to keep it vague. Title: Rini's Horrible Death Author(s): Queen of the Ramen Genre(s): Horror/Angst Date of Publication: August 28, 2004 Story Rating: M Status: Complete . It is centered around Starkit, a purple she-cat with molten amber eyes and a perfect white star on her forehead, who is the daughter of Jayfeather and Dawnsparkle. Series. Luan: (scared sleep) No no no. Detective Germany and her uncle Austria hoped for a peaceful travel through the Atlantic Ocean, but. Firestar. The three main protoganists are Leafpool, Crowfeather, and Squirrel. Remember that this story is non-canon. It was the day after the battle with Bloodclan, Firestar had left greystripe in charge of the camp and taken Sandstorm out on patrol with him. ! I'm not saying he will die like this, but this is how he could die. I never expected it to end this way, I thought. . Firestar's Death, a warriors fanfic | FanFiction This is a sad song-fic to 'Move Along' by The All American Regects of Firestar's death and how he can't let himself go because of all his regrets. {Warrior Cats and Lion King Crossover} (Currently on a break) "Very well then, it is set.". By Shimmercloud Yay for death scenes! He pummeled at her belly. He grew pale until only pawmarks showed where he'd stood. All of that was quite unexpected. She raced toward the place Tigerstar had fallen. But what was weird was that. Firestar reassures she is safe in StarClan, and tells Bramblestar he needs to learn he cannot protect every cat. In The Last Hope, at the end of the battle Firestar and another cat are facing off. It can't be copyright infringement if . Practical and unprepossessing, she is nonetheless particularly useful during thefts of Decepticon Energon cubes, as her vehicle mode is capable of transporting large numbers of them.. She's very good at a large number of things, and in some universes she's kinda snobby about it . He is thrown back in time to the moment . Sort by: Hot. For generations, four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down by their warrior ancestors. 38 parts. Tinyclaw's New Path. Its Like A Dream by Nika. Bluestar responded with a heavy sigh. A huge chakra spike entered her, and the woman released a shriek. His last interaction with his WindClan friends was talking to Crowfur and an old . He sank his claws into the dark tabby's back, praying to StarClan that Firestar would be okay. Sandstorm felt guilty that this was caused by her. Bu. A body was lying on the ground. Warrior cats Smoof in: Firestar's Death Scene View source This page contains a fan fiction written by Mosswisker&Stealthfire. Does this mean that it's safe to write fanfiction based on Lestat and that whole fandom? I got out and ran outside, aware I was still in my nightgown. LOLOL! As I looked around the room, this wasn't the bedchamber I slept in, and Percy- Where was he!? Fireheart is extremely loyal towards Graystripe, refusing to report his friend despite the gray tom's forbidden relationship with Silverstream. A Throne of Glass Fanfic- After EOS Aelin has been brutally tortured and captured by Maeve, the dark queen of the Fae. All heroes die.FireStar is no exception.Come join me on Warriorcatsrpg you sign up on the website.http://warriorcatsr. In Into the Wild, his love for her wasn't really explored because he was just a new apprentice in the Clan, but his love for her is shown more in the other books. Firestar is a bright flame-colored tom with emerald-green eyes. Firestar's Death - a story by Fuzzyheart - Story Write Firestar's Death "No! Death messed up his job at Halloween 1981 and now neither Voldemort nor Harry Potter are dead. But the worse of the three of them was Annabeth, she cried while hugging Percy's body, the arms that use to pat her in the back dangling uselessly at his side, the eyes that use to look into her eyes intensely now lifeless, the mouth . Hope it helps Enjoy. (That night at Luan and Luna's Room, while Luna is asleep Luan was tossing turning in her sleep having a nightmare). He tried to tell them that it wasn't worth trying to save him, but all that came out of his mouth was a bloody cough that sprayed more blood on the former battle ground. Firestar was a major character in Erin Hunter's Warriors book franchise serving as the main protagonist of the original arc of the series, The Prophecies Begin. 12 Goodbye Harry by Ginny-the-Werewolf Harry Potter won the war against Voldemort, but at a price: his life. Spottedleaf's Second Death. Hollyleaf's Death Scene. * Kills Tigerstar*. Once the dust cleared, Percy was stood with two fingers extended, having caught the arrow by the flat of it's head. Spottedleaf was Firestar's first love, which she often visited him in dreams and gave him advice. It's common knowledge that she would harass, sue, and threaten authors even after they respected her (frankly off-the-wall) wishes and removed the offending fictions. FanFiction. Silence gripped the forest. They are excited to begin their apprentice training, but are not aware of the threat lurking in the outskirts of their border. (SPOILERS 4 THE LAST HOPE) SPOILER ALERT I REPEAT SPOLIER ALERT YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! Have you ever wondered what his last words were? It may contain false characters, plots, or locations. She breaks all laws of canon, genetics, basic common sense and is considered the Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way of Warrior Cats. Gleamstar (aka StarGleamStar or Starstar) is the main protagonist of Starkit's Prophecy and is considered one of the biggest Mary Sues in Warrior Cats fanfiction franchise of all time. Scourge is Firestar's half-brother, and Jake is his father, while Nutmeg is his mother. Using the momentum of the attack the spiral man walked through Minato and touched Kushina's belly. Romance Firestar Daughter Warriors Warrior Cats Sandstorm . Spottedshadow watched as Firestar's spirit rose from his body and joined the three she-cats in StarClan. This fanfiction is likely to be inaccurate with the actual series because, as I've said, I stopped reading after the Omen of the Stars. 1.2 Email from Tigerstar. Firestar leads the Clan into attack against them, but Rainfur is killed during the battle, and Firestar loses a life -- Sandstorm saves him from losing his other lives, and tells him she had to choose him over Rainfur. This is so true | Warrior cats funny, Warrior cats comics Ask The Human Warrior Cats 3 by runtyiscute1999 on Firestar. I think you should get away! And relive the three memories of Harry that surface in this time of mourning. Answer (1 of 6): Hey- I'm warning you. It may contain false characters, plots, or locations. She felt like she could only rely on StarClan for this and her family. It was pretty good last words, I have to say Most cats were sharing tongues while the leader rested in his den quietly. This page contains the opinions of the original author (s), and is not patrolled for factual accuracy. After receiving . Normally he would of relished time alone with Sandstorm, But he was distracted by memories of the battle, where he had lost his first life. Bluestar the queen and two other cats (believed to be Whitestorm and Lionheart) are sitting around a pool. Brambleclaw felt his father's shadow creeping around him, his claws reaching for his son's heart. Firestar's Death. Fireheart has exposed Tigerclaw's crimes to the clan but now she is left to raise their four kits on her own. The stars in his fur dimmed and blinked out. Jayfeather launched himself at Tigerstar. As he spoke, Firestar's fiery pelt began to fade. Her mate is Firestar. Death of a Noble Leader. Firestar says he is happy to be on the old territory. Its Like A Dream by Nika. Silverstream's mate was Graystripe(They had 2 kits, Stormfur and Feathertail.). Sandstorm caught up with him, and pressed her head into his fur. 1.1 Email from Greystripe. FanFic: Love and Pain. Tigerstar: ahh! Sad Thunderclan Betrayal. Firestar's And Sandstorm's Beginning Of Love. Caution: it may make you cry. Rusty, later know as Firestar, your father, was born a kittypet, to Jake, and Nutmeg. The darkness reached his eyes, turning them into cold flames. The seal on her stomach began erasing itself until it was too late to stop it. Jaykit, Hollykit, and Lionkit of Thunderclan are the grandchildren of Firestar, leader of Thunderclan, and the children of Leafpool and Crowfeather, Thunderclan's medicine cat and a Windclan warrior. I was breathing hard, my hair tingling with sweat. Firestar's ginger coat glowed from the entering sunlight from the . New. Firestar nodded, then closed his eyes. Firestar also mentions that Bramblestar is doing a good job and shouldn't worry. 5.1K . She is a minor character in this book, seen only once and briefly, play-fighting with her denmates, Graypaw and Dustpaw. The badger stomped around, its . Written specifically for the Fandom Gives Back Charity Auction. Community. Sad Thunderclan Betrayal. Language: English. The wind eased and the trees grew still. R&R, and enjoy! It was the stopping force of Apollo's arrow that had caused the explosion. After Firestar's Death View source This page contains a fan fiction written by Whitestar7. This page contains the opinions of the original author (s), and is not patrolled for factual accuracy.

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